Navigating Legalism: Moving Towards Grace in Christian Homemaking

Since starting my homemaking journey in the Spring of 2019, I quickly learned that it's very easy for homemakers to get caught up in legalism, especially when routines, tradition, and responsibility are all intertwined. Legalism is a strict compliance with rules and regulation, but without any consideration of the spirit. It can easily corrupt the mindset of our practices and hinder the freedom found in Christ.

As a strict conforming to rules and traditions from outside, legalism can overshadow the core of God's commandments. We may adopt legalistic attitudes unknowingly as homemakers and our roles are viewed through the lens of performance, rather than grace.

What are the dangers of Legalism?

There are so many dangers in legalism. When I think about it, all I can see is how many hopeful women it has hurt or crushed. Legalism not only leads to unrealistic expectations, it can also lead us astray in our view of God. It can create judgmental attitudes as well as comparisons and an air of self-righteousness. Ultimately it prevents us from fully experiencing God's grace and love in our homemaking.

Paul tells us in Galatians 5.1, "Christ has freed us for our freedom." Do not allow yourself to be burdened by another yoke. We are encouraged to reject the yoke of slavery that is legalism, and instead embrace the freedom we find in Christ.

Navigating Legalism

It's important that Christian mothers align their hearts with God's truth. It involves developing a close relationship with God and prioritizing grace and love in our relationships.

Embracing Grace

Grace is the antidote for legalism. We can overcome legalistic thinking by accepting God's grace and showing it to others and ourselves.

Legalistic mindsets are difficult to overcome

Recognizing its existence in our life is the first step to overcoming legalism. It is important to be honest with yourself and willing to face any legalistic attitudes or behaviors.

Romans 8 reassures: "Therefore there is no condemnation now for those who believe in Christ Jesus." We are not condemned and we do not have to worry about legalistic judgement.

Grace-Filled living

To overcome legalism, it is essential to embrace a life-filled with grace and a homemaking approach. It is important to extend grace, both towards ourselves and other people, and recognize that we all need God's love and mercy.

Freedom to Walk

We can experience the freedom Christ secured for us as we let go of legalistic thinking and embrace Grace. We can serve God authentically and joyfully in our roles as homemakers, without fearing judgment.

I invite you to join me on this journey as I embrace the grace and freedom that Christ offers. Together, let's explore the complexity of legalism and cultivate an attitude of grace in Christian homemaking.

Navigating Legalism: Moving Towards Grace in Christian Homemaking