Embracing Change: Modest Mom Fashion and Rediscovering My Personal Style

Becoming a mom is a huge transition. Once you become a mom, you begin to change your personal style. Well at least for me, because I had a completely different body type after children. For many moms, the post-pregnancy period brings about changes in body shape and size. If you're a mom who has recently shed some weight and is navigating the transition from a size 20 to a size 14, like me,  congratulations on your achievement! In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting journey of rediscovering your personal style and share some fashion picks and tips tailored to your new body.

This brings me to modest mom fashion. Being modest generally refers to a quality or behavior characterized by humility, simplicity, and a lack of excessive pride or arrogance. It can be applied to various aspects of life, including personal appearance, behavior, and attitudes.

By celebrating your transformation, I want you to understand that a weight loss journey is no small feat, and it's essential to celebrate the accomplishments along the way. For me, it was every 10 lbs. lost. I begin by acknowledging the hard work and dedication every step of the way. Even my non-scale victories like my wedding set falling off my fingers or my glasses falling off  my face. Those small wins was just motivation for me to continue on. Each celebration set the stage for embracing a new and confident version of myself. This is where you want to tie in a new fashion sense and how you plan to not only walk with confidence but with dignity and grace.

With your body undergoing changes, it's time to embrace your new body type, by keeping certain new features covered so that you will always remain respected. Understanding your body shape is crucial when it comes to choosing the right outfits. Whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle shape, there are fashion choices that accentuate your best features.

Let's talk about how I failed at picking my new fashion picks for my size 14 wardrobe. I decided to go shopping and I was so excited for the clothes to be delivered. My biggest mistake was shopping for my new clothes online. I should have took the time to go inside the store to try on clothes. Had I done that, I would have had a better understanding of exactly my new size and not assume that I was in a particular size. 

Now that I've achieved a size 14, it's time to revamp my wardrobe with stylish and comfortable clothing by exploring fashion picks that complement my body type and reflect my personal taste. 

*Consider versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

Wardrobe Essentials

Invest in well-fitting jean that highlight your slimmer silhouette.

Embrace dresses that flatter your body shape, such as A-line dresses or wrap dresses.

Update your tops with different styles of blouses and shirts.

Accessorizing for Style

Experiment with accessories like belts to define your waist.

Opt for statement jewelry to add a touch of personality to your outfits.

Explore stylish handbags and shoes that elevate your overall look.

Tips for Cultivating Personal Style

Personal style is about expressing your individuality and feeling confident in what you wear. Consider the following tips to cultivate a style that aligns with your faith and personality. Choose clothing that suits your daily activities and lifestyle. Don't be afraid to explore different colors and patterns that resonate with you. 

The journey of mom fashion is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. As you embrace your new body and personal style, remember that modest fashion is a form of Godly character. Celebrate your achievements, experiment with new looks, and most importantly, wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Here's to a stylish and confident you!

Embracing Change: Modest Mom Fashion and Rediscovering My Personal Style