STEM Academy

Last week, we reached a small milestone with Zaedrin.  Every other Saturday for the last 3 months, Zaedrin participated in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy. 

The intent of this program is to increase students' exposure to STEM and encourage them to enroll in accelerated STEM courses as they progress through middle and high school. There were only 40 seats available so we made sure we submitted his application as soon as we could. Upon submission, we heard back immediately he was accepted to attend. For 6 Saturdays over the last three months, Zaedrin and other students learned about various things such as programming and robotics. We hope his participation further piqued his interest in technology and that he will pursue a career in a technology-related field.

Here, enjoy a video from Pinellas County Schools on its STEM programs as well as some photos from today's awards ceremony at the STEM Academy.

Such a great turn out with the support of parents and teachers.

During the event, we toured PTEC and was introduced to a ton of tuition free dual enrollment programs.  It was very informative finding out all the different programs they offered.  Zaedrin's interests are in engineering.  His plan is to build computers, aircraft or other automotive machines.

We are very proud of this young man, for stepping out into what his true desire is.  This is just the beginning of something of a life long passion. 

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Freebie Friday! Women's Jennifer Pumps - Mossimo

Hey guys! Happy Friday!  

It's been a while since my last giveaway. I felt compelled to do "SOMETHING".  Over the next several of months I will be giving away new, like new, and barely used items. I will post a "Freebie Friday" once a month. 

So today I want to give away Women's Jennifer Pumps - Mossimo in "blush" color, size 8.5. This months freebie came from the realization that I was never going to wear these shoes because of a few reasons. 1). I have the same pair in black and they literally KILL my feet. 2) I could never find anything to wear with them. and 3) The heel is way to high for my taste.  Don't get me wrong, these babyies are beautiful, I just feel that they would benefit someone else.

Look girl, there is NOTHING like FREE! Even if this isn't your size, enter at a chance to win and bless someone else who can fit them.


Are you a giver? If so, let's connect to do some great things! 

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For the sake of competing!!

I ran into a lady at the bank who was talking to another lady about jealousy and competition.  Her words “People who have to be seen, often find themselves in competition with someone else.  And what does competition stem from? Jealousy.”  At the time I had my phone to my ear talking with my mom. All I could do was shake my head.  Yes.  YES!! She spoke a word…

We all feel that our children are precious.  And if you have more than one child, you have to teach them how to be loving, sympathetic, empathetic, and to not complete with each other.  Yes, folks, that has to be taught!  It’s not something they will just start doing.  The best way to show and teach this is by displaying that type of behavior with others.

So, for the sake of competing, when does it start and at what point does it end? 
Months back, I looked at a certain behavior that I was displaying.  At the moment of me noticing my own behavior, I was so outdone. SICK!!  I had had enough of it.  I shut down my Facebook and refocused my life to how I was raised.  In the process, I started running into people who didn’t share or hold the same values as my husband and I.  The strides we’ve taken has done wonders for us and our kids. I am teaching my kids that competing with others is a losing battle.  No one wins!!

My cousins and I growing up was very close. So close, we welcomed each other’s differences.  No judgement, no fighting, no “one-upping” each other.  None of that! We were always truly genuinely happy for one another.
Now more than ever, I see children competing with one another.  Who has the better shoes, clothes, grades, birthday’s, etc.  The ignorance of it all had me thinking, “Where do they get that from?”


Parents who were once children. Growing up very insecure and needy, grow up to be very insecure and needy adults.  We dish that same insecurity off on our children who are so ignorant not to know any better. What do we value the most?

So when and how do we teach them self-worth? 
I know for me; I’ve taken a stand with my children. I am in a season where I have to limit what I say, do and who I interact with. If I’m not careful, I find myself with that same “competitive” spirit.  For God’s sake, I’m an adult.  I am happily married and in love.  I live a great life and so many others… no one can compete with me if I don’t give them the chance to.  

If you find yourself in competition with someone, ask yourself this "Who am I competing with and why?" 

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Being a Christian in name only?

A few weeks ago, the kids and I went to Publix to purchase a few things for the house. As we walked around we saw people in passing whom we didn't know.  That's pretty normal walking around in a grocery store, right? This particular day, we saw a woman and her son.
The woman didn't look any different from any other mom and her son was around 15 or 16 years old.  Not thinking too much about them, we checked out and walked to our car.  
As we proceeded outside, we noticed a car parked next to ours.  The hood was lifted up and there were people outside standing around and talking.  One lady was actually leaning on our car. As we came closer, she looked towards us and smiled.  She said "Don't worry, I'm not going to steal your car.  I just so happened to be leaning because we can't figure out what's wrong with her (pointing to the car owner) car." 

As it turns out, the owner was the same lady we saw earlier with her teenage son. I smiled and asked if they needed any help, if they could get the car to start, and if they had jumper cables.  They said they were waiting to see if anyone would come help and that they had jumper cables but the cables wouldn't jump start her car.  
So I asked, if they had heavy duty cables.  She said, "Cables are cables, right?"   My facial expression was a clear "NO" <LOL> 

That's when it happened, that's when the Lord spoke to me.  He told me to put the kids in the car, open the trunk and put the groceries inside.  He then told me to lift up the small compartment in the back of the trunk area.  I lifted it and there were heavy duty jumper cables. The cables had sat in that area since January 2014, when purchased our new car. These are the same cables I thought we got rid of some time ago. (Out of sight, out of mind They were old, worn down and used. I haven't seen or used them in two years.)

I pulled them out and handed them to the lady that was leaning on my car.  They connected their two cars and the car finally started.  
The lady who was leaning against my car is now jumping and waving her hands, saying "Thank you Jesus! The car is finally started!" The owner continued to sit in the car. The car owner’s son, the teenage boy, finally came back to our car and gave me the jumper cables.  As he was walking away, God told me to give the cables back to him.  I said "Hey, tell your Mom she can have them."  He said "Are you sure?"  I said "Yes, I have no need for them.  Tell your Mom she can have them if she wants them."  

He then took the cables to his mom.  I got into the car and started it ready to back out.  Next thing I know, the car owner was standing on my driver side.  I put the car back into park and got out.  She was crying.  She then hugged me so tight, and whispered in my ear "Thank you so much! I had a really bad day.  I really needed this."  I hugged her back just as tight and said "God is always there right when you need Him." She cried more... As she walked away she looked at me and said "Thank you" again.  She went and sat back down in her running car wiping her tears. 

When we pulled off it hit me that my kids were still in the car.  With all that was going on, they watched their mom and how she was able to be a blessing to someone else.  It wasn't the first time but it was the first time I actually thought about it.  Zaedrin said, "I am so happy they were able to get their car started." (that made me smile)

Fast forward to last week, Zaedrin went to school early to join the FCA.  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.  I've wanted him to join for some time now but decided not to say anything, because I didn't think he would be interested.  He came home last week saying that he would be joining.  I was shocked and happy to hear of it.  When he attended the first meeting, Zaedrin told us about the Minister who came to speak with them.  In that meeting he showed the kids a video. (see below) 

This video reminded me of the lady in the parking lot and of the homeless people we pass throughout or day. He told me how much he loved the video. How much he wants to change lives, even if a lot of people never notices it.  I said to him, “Now that’s the love of Christ, Zaedrin”

For so long, I've feared that Zaedrin wouldn't understand what it means to be a Christian.  To love like Christ. To give like Christ.  To try his best to do good and change the bad.  Although he's just one person, he can see and witness what one kind act can do to save or help someone else see the light of God. And if I continue to allow God to use me, I know that Zaedrin will be there to witness it.   We will live our lives according to what we believe. We will not be “Christians” in name only!!

What example are you setting before your children? 

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Spending Time With Zuri

Recently, Zuri came home from school saying he had a pretty bad day. I felt bad! As you know, most of my attention was pulled in one direction.  Zoe-Grace.  Sooo, Zuri then comes to me and says "Mommy, I need some time with you. Alone."  I figured he saw me snapping all these photos of Zoe-Grace... He never gets in on the deal. Not fare! 

So off we went to spend alone time.  

How important is alone time with your child? And how quickly are you available to give it to them? 

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Monthly Motivation | January 2016

I'm super late (again), but wanted to submit this monthly motivational post for January.  Each month I will post my monthly goals for me and our family.  This is a fun thing for us to do and look back on in the future.  It also keeps me accountable with scheduling and such. 

Instead of committing to weekly wishes, I'm finding that trying to plan my monthly goals to be better for me.  

1. Clean Up.
It's time to remove the Christmas decor.  You know, this is the part I strongly dislike.  Last year, we waited until March to remove all the decor.  Hopefully, we'll be motivated to do it sooner than that this year.

2. Plan.
PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! I am not good at planning, but I'm great at over planning and under planning.  This month, my goal is to be consistent in planning... EVERYTHING!  Photography, my husband's schedule, bills, the kids, meals, meetings, etc. 

3. Write. 
Blogging has been a challenge.  I am not good at writing things down.  This month I want to practice writing more.  This month I plan to commit at least 5 hours a week to writing. 

4. Track.
Tracking my points and meals on Weight Watchers.  

5. Exercise.
Walking 10 miles a week.

There you have it folks! Making a commitment to stay committed. :) 
Check back with me next month to see how I managed these goals.  

How are you planning your days, weeks, or months? 

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Time of separation & focus

So it's been about 3 months now since I've logged into my personal Facebook.  I felt really bad just leaving without giving certain people a little or no warning.  When God speaks, you have to move...No if's and's or but's about it.  

Over these few months, I've really turned my heart to God, ministry, my children, marriage, and business. And I'm spending more time with my kids.  

Zaedrin is 13 years old now and I am really seeing how he's growing into a man. Momma has to let go and allow him to find who He is in God.  
For Christmas, he received the one gift he wanted: a new phone.  Since then, he's added reminders to his phone to read Psalm 23, 91 & 100.  He also reads a Proverbs of the day.  I look at him and I am in awe of who he's becoming.  Zaedrin is still innocent, fun loving and loves to be with his parents.  I love that about him.  


He got the one thing he wanted the most.... #heshappy #mykids #1 #iphone #31daysofjoy #everydaynesbitt

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Zoe-Grace and all her glory is giving me "LIFE".  As much as I would like to go and work outside of our home, there is no way I can do it now.  I love this girl!  I think about how much she's changing. The both of us are hating the terrible two's/three stage.  She more than me.  Ha!!  

She's reading, putting on her shoes and we're just about done with potty training. Her favorite words are "No", "Daddy", and "Mean Mommy".  I'm cool with being the mean mommy for now, at least until she learns that Momma is raising her to have standards, be respectful and to love the Lord. Until then, Mean Mommy, I shall be.  
She's still part-time at the learning center and she also attends BSF with me on Wednesday mornings.  Her favorite day of the week! <3

Zuri has my heart! I say that because he's the middle child. I'm a middle child. My husband is a middle child.  We just have this connection, where I feel like I truly understand him. I prayed for this child every day until we found out we were pregnant with him.  He's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Hulk, and track runner all rolled into one.  His favorite scripture is Micah 6:8. We encourage Zuri to say a prayer before going into school each day. He always needs encouragement, and I am so glad that I am here, ready and available to give him that. 

As for me, I am spending time planning out my days, keeping track of my appointments, meal planning and blog posting.  Being home has allowed me to know exactly what's going on with my children, volunteer at school, be present in my marriage, and have dinner ready.  It's amazing how God has turned my heart towards my family.  

There's no guilt of leaving my kids hanging for the world to raise them.  There is a lot of time for me to spend with the Lord and see where He wants me to be. 

Instagram Round Up - December 2015

It's the new year and we are so happy to be in 2016. God is amazing!  Here are a few Instagram snippets from the month of December.

Day 4... my joy! #zoegrace #daughterslove #31daysofjoy #everydaynesbitt

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How did you spend your holiday season?

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Four days into the new year and I now realize that I haven't really sat down to write out my goals and aspirations for 2016.  On top of that, I haven't had time to sit and reflect on 2015. 

Let me start by saying, I will not set goals that are unrealistic.  This year, I will set them based on where God is leading me and not where people "want" me to be. I don't want to be apart of "the crowd".  So this year, I want to focus on doing things God's way. 

Having peace in God.  

I have been a stay-at-home mom now for a year and a half and I am still not at peace. My husband is a sole provider and because I have a helping spirit, I always want to help him. My form of help is financial help. Not in a takeover kind of way but in a way that my husband feels he's not in it alone. Taking some of the stress and responsibility from him is important to me.  I never would have thought that by me actually being home is helping everyone more. See, with me working, he always had to accommodate my schedule AND the kids schedule. My being home gives him the freedom to work with less stress, which then allows him to be a more involved Dad. My kids also love having me home Mommy always treats!  Anyone can look at me and say "You don't have to work...and you want to?" Yes. I want to work! Wait! I am working! I am contributing, even though it doesn't always feel like it. Everyone has more peace, except for me. But, I know this is where I am supposed to be.

Let God have control in my life. 

I was reading Acts chapter 12 today.  Peter was in prison and while the church prayed for him, he slept.  He slept!! In the middle of squad soldiers, locked in chains, Peter slept.  I asked myself, why was he able to sleep with all that going on around him? Here's  the thing.... I have control issues! I don't know who doesn't honestly.There are many days that I have lost sleep in 2015  over someone or something that went wrong.  I am learning that even the bad things turn out for me good. As I read, I realized that Peter was free in Jesus - that's how he was able to sleep.  This year, I want to die to my flesh and give it ALL to Jesus - my heart, soul and mind.  I can only control what part I play. The part I play is to give God control.  Giving Him total control requires that He can no longer compete with the prison cell or the chains in my mind.

Receive God's forgiveness and letting go of hurt. 

This is very personal for me. I have to constantly remind myself that God is a forgiving God. I pray sincerely for His mercy and forgiveness daily.  In receiving God's forgiveness, I am learning to forgive others more, how to let go.  Lately, I have found myself in a sea of tears. I stand strong for what is right, but I find that often leaves me misunderstood. Feeling like my feelings are disregarded. "OH NO, DON'T HAVE FEELINGS!!!", it seems like people around me say. At these times, it's always good talking with my best friend. She is just like me. She has a way about her where I can say what I feel and always be understood. Something she said to me today: "It's good to let go..." There is nothing wrong with having feelings, the problem comes when we start believing them all the time. There is beauty and freedom in letting go.

God's temple: Body and Spirit

The entire 2015, I seemed to have been on a search to "feeling" better.  I have battled with weight gain, back and sciatic nerve pain, migraines... the list goes on.  I'm a mess! My entire life, I’ve felt that I need to look better, lose weight so that others can see me in a different light.  Really Kisha? That is the most self-centered thing I've ever admitted to. God deserves better than that. Loving God requires change. It requires a renewed mind. I refuse to go to another doctor about something I can help. I am making up in my mind to have respect, love and appreciation for the body God gave me, no matter what shape my body is in.  "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Giving my body to the Lord as "a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.” What exactly does that look like? Use my body as a tool of ministry.  Who can afford to be sick? I know I can't.  The good thing is that our bodies are designed to self-repair and self-heal.  Isn't that wonderful news!? Spiritually, I cannot defile my body.  How can the spirit dwell in something unclean? I am not talking about tattoos here.  I am saying is, I must treat my body as a place of worship.  

And there you have it! I am making serious life changes.  And even if I fail  today, this week, this month or this year, I am given a new beginning, in spite of my failures. Thank Jesus for that! 

31 Days of Joy | Day 31 The End and Thank you!

Joy at completing the task!

What does it mean to enter into the joy of your lord? A question to be pondered. In this parable, Jesus tells the story of a master who entrusts three servants with different amounts of talents, or money, which they were to put to work until he comes back. Rightly, the focus is on how well the servants did. But what about this joy? This joy is what makes the master happy! So what makes our Master happy? When we use what He has given us for His glory, to spread the gospel of salvation and the Kingdom. When we commit to doing this, He rewards us with His joy in this life and ultimately in the next!

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