11 July 2017

Vacationing in Michigan - Part I

Driving to Michigan had me tripping.  That was a drive I was not looking forward to taking AND with 6 kids on top of that! I begged Ashon to just let me get on a plane.  His response was always the same.  No! Nope. “No, the kids need to see other parts of the county” he’d say.  And you know me, I’m like “what exactly do they need to see?” But push came to shove and I gave in. 

We rented two minivans and Tuesday night, we were off to see the world.  I was the first to drive. So from 11 pm to about 4 am, I drove from St. Petersburg, FL to Macon, GA.  Y’all I barely made it!  HA! After about 5 cups of coffee and having to stop to the restroom. But thankfully, Ashon took over and drove another 10 hours.  That’s when I realized, driving was the best option for us.  You see, I’d never seen the country either. If I traveled, I was on a plane.  Yep! In 35 years, I’ve only driven outside the state of Florida maybe twice my entire life.  
So knowing and seeing what I know now, I will never deprive them of this opportunity again.   I won’t bore you with the week long details of our trip so I will just post all the photos of it.  Some of it was mundane and relaxing and the rest was full tours. 


This is the end of part one, please look forward to part two of our vacation. (Pics Only)